It’s so funny how the title of this post reminds me of Bryson Tiller’s song – Don’t. It’s also amusing how I’ve planned how this post would be in my head but I’m here  looking at the blank space and reminding myself to breathe and type one word after the other. Yeah, that’s to show a lot has happened while I was away. It may not seem like it’s been long because my last post was on June 6 but it felt longer to me.

There were times were I would want to post but I found myself logging out every time I was on my dashboard, not because I had writer’s block or something of such but I just couldn’t get myself to write a post or press the publish button to an all-ready written post for some reason which I’m convincing myself is unknown. I love blogging,  trust me I do but it got to a start where I needed to reflect on how life has been. I not only negleted my blog but also my beloved instagram page (@bethfayemi) where I didn’t feel the urge to post anymore (except on my birthday of course).

I would honestly admit, I had a few blogs which made this post come to reality and it’s only fair I share them. First is Think Poppy (I must admit this is one of my favourite blogs and I have a lot of favourites, the blog just has a way of connecting to its readers). Next is Mirror Me, also KacheeTeeTheodditty and a few more. Reading these blog reminded me of the reason why I love blogging and they helped to discover some major things about blogging.

While I was away trying to get myself back together, I celebrated my birthday, yay!!! (I may put up a post about it) and I’m excited to be older. With great power come great responsibility right? Also, life started to throw at me some questions like What do I want to achieve? Am I on the right path? You need to put God more you know? It made me think that at this stage  of my life, every little decision I make affect my life in the long run and daily I make decisions.

I would not want to rant so much in this post but the few things I gathered while I was away are:

1. Love God and put him first. Communicate with Him. 

2. See beauty in everything around you (right now I’m thinking of the grapes I saw in the fridge and how I’m going to make a flatlay before consumption, lol) 

3. You would meet people who would support you and those who don’t, get used to it. Don’t post away your helper. 

4. It’s your life, make it yours. 

5. Show gratitude and complain less. 

I’m really back and better and I hope to post two to three times a week. I’m also open to Collaborations of any sort, my email is

Till we meet again.

Remain blessed.


2 Replies to “BACK AND BETTER”

  1. Aww Hey Liz, you look so beautiful in those pictures. I’m glad you took a break to reflect and be inspired. We all need breaks from doing things we love sometimes. Glad to have you back!
    p.s: I love your blog.

    1. Thank you so much. You really made my day, even if I’ve been away for so long after this post and I’ve been thinking of starting over, you’ve still made me happy to blog. God bless your soul!!

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