Happy new month guys and welcome to the second half of 2017. As the year runs out, I’m constantly reminded of how time waits for no man and how every single second spent can change your life. You can wait for things to fall in place, you have to make it fall in place because if you don’t, no one really has time to do it for you.

Mean while, in the spirit of consistency, I’m here with yet another style post that has been sitting in my draft alongside some other posts which I’m gradually unveiling. In this post, I’m pairing a cold-shoulder top, white jeans and heels.

When I initially planned to take pictures of this outfit, I excluded the printed belt which is not a part of the top but then while looking in the mirror, I felt too plain. Having in mind I was going for something casual, I decided to add prints and it surprisingly brought the whole outfit together.

Tip: Add something of prints when combining solid colours, it makes your outfit pop. 

The best thing about life is choice and as a student of Economics, I’ve learnt that choice is one of the basic things in life. Make a choice because it’s your life and don’t let people dictate how your life should be. Even if you do make mistakes (which is natural), learn from them, pick yourself back up and try again. You’ll only be a fool if you make the same mistakes over again.

Thank you for checking out my blog.

Till we meet again.

Remind blessed.


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