Welcome back to my blog. How are you doing? Happy Sunday btw. So last week was the Lagos Fashion and Design Week and I didn’t attend any and it was mostly my fault because I had lots of opportunities to go but I just kept making excuses for myself, even my sister kept on pushing me to go but I didn’t *sobs*. I can’t cry over spilled milk so I just watched instastories about it and it seemed fun. I also watched the proposal that went down which was so cute.

I was nominated by Praise of My Style Look book Series and Oyinlola of Hazy fantasies to this this post. Thank you for this. This post is way way overdue, honestly I forgot to write about it but better late than never right?

To accept the award you must.
Write a post to show the award (ongoing).
Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
Thanks to Praise and Oyinlola for nominating me for this award.
Give a brief story about how you started blogging.
While  growing up I would have never really pictured myself having a blog, though I’ve always loved writing but what I pictured myself as, (and is still) was a renowned fashion designer with an edge. That’s what I always wanted to be since I was eleven and with God by my side I’m definitely working towards it but along the line I was thinking that what is a good way for me to start, to get an audience at least. Then I started seeing some blogs on instagram and I felt I could do it and it’s also a form of great publicity eventually so then I started blogging. My main reason was just to get an audience and people’s attention and also to keep myself busy since I love writing.
Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
I’m also a new blogger myself and I’m looking for someone to give me blogging advice but I guess an advice would be stay true to yourself and be you (yeah I know everyone says that but it’s essential).
For this award I nominate anyone who feels inspired to accept. I would love to see your post too.
Thank you for reading my blog today.
Till we meet again.
Remain blessed.


    1. Thanks a lot Kachee. I also looked at it with a desktop and found out it was completely different from reading it with a phone, so I’m thinking of switching back. Thank you

  1. Well, left to me… It’s looking very good.. I wouldn’t support you switching back to the old one… All you need to do is exactly what @kachee said. Come to think of it… What if the old theme is no more available

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