I was nominated – Phobias, Habits and Obsessions

Hey guys, what’s up what’s up? I don’t know but I’m just in a really good mood writing this post *inserts happy dance here* but anyways let’s get to this post. So this post may or may not be long, depends on how lazy I feel while writing.

So I was nominated by Aminatawa of Aminatawa Stories to do this posts which talks about my Phobias, Habits and Obsessions, so if you want to know more about me, keep reading.

*inserts thinking face* I’m honestly thinking so hard for this.
Reptiles: okay so I hate reptiles like crazy, I’m so afraid of any crawling animal, they’re so creepy and I don’t know annoying.

Sleeping : Yes, this is definitely my number one habit. Who doesn’t love sleep?
Instagram Surfing : I do this like more fifty times in a day or when Glo decides to give me good network service.
Reflection : Okay, so I just realised it’s an habit that I look at my reflection often (I’m not self-obsessed though).
Wearing slippers in the house.
Praying before I eat and sleep.
Using my phone generally.

My phone: This had to be first, I’m legit obsessed.
Plantains: I love it so much
Wristwatches: Yes, I love wristwatches a lot, I can’t go out without wearing one, it’ll look as if my hand is NAKED. And it doesn’t just even have to work but I must wear.
Heels with Straps

I guess that’s it guys, my Phobias, Habits and Obsessions.
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Till we meet again.
Remain blessed.

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