My Life Lately

My loves!!!

How have you all been? It’s been a while, I’ve not even posted at all this month. I wasn’t planning on posting at all this month but since I have few days till my next exam, I felt I should update you all on what’s going on in my life right now.

This post is somehow similar to the popular “Currently I am” post. So here it goes

Currently I’ve been:

Working my butt off to ace the examinations which I’m currently writing.

Lusting over backpacks, okay so there’s this particular one on @haute.signatures on instagram that has stolen my heart. So just in case you feel generous to get me one *smiles*

This is the bag

Craving good food. I’ve not been eating well lately and I’ve reduced in size *sobs*

Wanting to take a break and chill out. A girl needs her rest. Maybe just take a day or two to have fun sounds good.

Getting obsessed over shorts. I’ve been seeing really nice ones lately and I want to incorporate some into my wardrobe.

Planning to save a whole lot more. It just recently dawned on me that I need to save more so I’m cutting down on the unnecessary things

Noticing that I have a whole of the clothes of the colour Red. I won’t have noticed until I just realised that for a whole week I was either wearing a top of trouser that was red and it’s part of my least favourite colours. So I’m now avoiding the colour red till further notice. *laugh*

Loving short hair. So if you know me, right from high school, I’ve always wanted to have long hair but mother nature felt it wasn’t just meant to be and I accepted my faith. After leaving high school, I was always on something long to compliment my short hair but now I’m beginning to love short hair a bit more and I’m planning to do it more often. PS: My next hairstyle would probably be pixie cut.

Confused about this weather. Is the weather hot or cold? Because I don’t understand this sudden rain, not that I’m complaining or anything, it’s amazing though.

Addicted to sweets, I need to stop but I can’t. It is so bad that I was reading a book a few days back and the character mentioned mints. I immediately dropped the book and went to buy mints, like really? I’ll start beating myself whenever I have to urge to buy.

Wishing I had more money. Who doesn’t want money anyways.

Spending more on the basics. Instead of spending unnecessarily, I’ve been buying stuffs that would last me a whole lot and are of great deals on the long run.

Happy because I’m on my way to greatness.

I guess that’s it about My life lately, thank you for checking out my blog today even though it’s ¬†been a long while.

Ps: Guys I’m planning to change no blog url soon, so I’m still brainstorming for a good name, for some reason I got bored of this one but I may end up sticking with it though. Let me know what you think about changing this site url. *kisses*

Till we meet again.

Remain blessed.


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  1. I’ve also started loving short hair of recent. The weather is just another palaver on it’s own. I enjoyed reading this post.

  2. Hey Beth, nice post per usual. I kind of like the current blog url, but if you have the conviction to change it, I’m looking forward the new one

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