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Disclaimer: This is lengthy post, but please read through. 

The last day of the year. Wow. I can’t but say what a great year. First of, I’m grateful to God for making me see this far, it’s been an amazing journey, through thick and thin and I’m still standing strong. I must confess there were any points I was about to fall but God kept me. He kept reminding me of His word, it’s really God to read God’s word, when you least expect it, it comforts you.

Also, blogging *sigh*, it hasn’t been easy for me, it won’t seem so but I’ve been on a roller coaster and which also explains my late posting. I may have slightly wanted to take a break but no no if I wasn’t prepared I wouldn’t have started. I made my self believe that success takes progress, one can’t just get there, you have to pass through a journey *sips drink*.

It’s been three months since My Vogue Life came into existence and it’s been strengthening.

How has 2016 been you may ask. I can say it’s like my best year. Yeah I said so. I don’t know why but I just really loved this year well for some reasons I’m deciding to keep personal too *chuckle*.

I’m also forever grateful to My Vogue Life readers, to those who read and comment, you are the real MVP, to those who read and don’t comment, I know commenting can be a stress but I’m still grateful. To those who come once in a while to show their support, lol… I see you. To those who subscribe, I love you the most. To those who share my posts, you’re blessed. To those who don’t fall in any of the categories, lol, God is watching o.

I’m forever grateful to my sister who takes all my pictures no matter how tired she is, she comes through for me. Love you little sis. To my parents for their constant support, I love you most abundantly. To the blogging community, I can’t thank you enough.

Have I typed too much? *covers face*, I’m just really happy to be where I am. I’m not there yet but definitely I’ll get there. 2017 will be year year. Chelsea, if you’re reading this, 2017 is definitely our year, lol, I’m sure you get what I mean.

Lastly, I can’t forget those who send me a DM congratulating or encouraging me, you guys are the best. I think I’ll drop the pen here. Thank you once again *takes formal bow*.

Btw, please make any complaints or suggestions about this blog in the comment section and what you would love to see more in 2017 and I’ll be sure to look into it. 

My top is from Maju like in my previous post

Thank you for reading.

Till we meet again.

Remain blessed.


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