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How are we all doing this fine lovely Sunday? I currently don’t understand the weather anymore, first the harmattan came for only a short period of time and now it came back in full force. The whole dust is back again and it’s really tiring. But what shall man do than to endure?

This outfit post was inspired by the current weather we are facing here in Nigeria. Since its harmattan, I decided to post on how to look stylish while dressing up for the season.

Before I proceed, I want to first of all apologise for my late posting, I haven’t posted in weeks and this is because school work can be time consuming and I’m still learning to balance. Also, I went home for the weekend *insert dancing emoji* and as usual asked my sister to take pictures to blog. And here I am…….

In this post, I’m featuring two major colours – pink and black. I’m not really a fan of pink, I was a fan when I was younger because I was a really girlie girlie girl who loved dolls and stuffs like that but then growing up the colour just didn’t seem like me anymore. For the sake of this post and not to waste this outfit, I decided to pair this pink top which I’m currently loving with a bodycon skirt. Bodycons are also not my thing because I don’t have the “body” for them but this has to be the first bodycon outfit I’ve ever loved. It’s comfortable and can be styled easily.

I’m wearing:

Top: OlliestyleTees

Skirt: By my mother

Shoes: Random (by my dad)


How would you style your bodycon outfit or a colour you’ve not really loved?

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Till we meet again. 

Remain blessed.


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