Readers! Welcome welcome to my blog. I’m as excited as you should be reading this blog post for no particular reason for the excitement but it’s good to be happy right?  How have y’all been? Splendid I suppose, I’ve been great too, enjoying my short holiday but I’ll take it as it is. If you read My Life Lately post you would already know how much I really needed a break and I’m happy I have one.

Without further ado, today’s post is definitely a style post where I once again styled by black skirt and a button-down top. I’ve worn this skirt previously here with an off-shoulder top but here I decided to pair it up with a shirt. I really don’t own too many shirts not because I don’t love them but I never really incorporated them into my everyday style, maybe I would.

If you are a regular reader, you would know how much I dislike anything body con because of my derriere (I just learnt that word *laugh*). But this skirt which was gifted to me by my mother and is literally the only black skirt I own because except it’s a flare skirt, I’m not really interested.

I hope you do enjoy reading my blog and scrolling through these pictures. Please tell me what you think by leaving a comment and show some love by subscribing I.e following by blog by email  (even though I have issues viewing the amount of subscribers I have *sob*)

Till we meet again.

Remain blessed.


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