Howdy neighbour, how are y’all doing this beautiful day? Great I hope. I’m doing fine myself though I just recovered from an illness that I’m grateful to God it wasn’t as worse as I thought it’d have been. I’m still struggling with a cough and sore throat though but I know I’d be very good in no time.

Today’s post is about skater skirts and have to style them. You may not have heard of skater skirts or you may know them in the alternative name – flared skirts.

Skater skirts are very useful and essential in every lady’s wardrobe or closet as it may seem. They are very easy to style and I definitely hoot for comfort styling.

I’m going to be sharing with you ways to style your skater skirts and how I styled mine.

1. With a cute turtleneck: Pairing a  skater skirt (especially a short one) with a cute turtle neck could make you look really stylish and chic.

2. With a crop top: This couldn’t be further explained, lol.

3. With a graphic tee: This is if you want to look really cute for an event you don’t want to be overdressed to.

4. With a button down shirt. 

5. With an halter neck top. 

6. With a cute top.

Plus, they also help people like us to hide that small booty *wink*

Now that I’ve given you guys ways of styling yours, this is how I styled mine. Following the sixth way, with a cute top. The top I’m wearing is from Maju and I’ve styled it previously Here.

I tucked my top in for an additional effect and paired it with a pair platform heels I completely forgot until recently.  Enjoy. Chau.

 That would be all for now. Don’t forget to leave a comment and subscribe.

Till we meet again. 

Remain blessed.



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