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Welcome back to my blog. In my last beauty post ( here), I talked about not posting more of beauty so I decided to start making reviews of beauty products I’ve tried, both the ones I’m loving and the ones I just decided to try out.

So here I am doing a beauty review of my current favourite eyeliner. If anyone knows me, you would know how much I adore eyeliners, out of every makeup products it has to be my best. Even on days I’m not on makeup I’m always using eyeliner. This is because eyeliner just give you a different kind of look. I must confess, it was my mother that made me get attached to using them, she kept on telling me how important they are before I started using them and once I started I just knew I wouldn’t stop. It always makes your eyes pop in a very attractive way which gives it an extremely bold look.

I’ve used both liquid and pencil liners. I initially loved liquid liners because my “winged liner game” seems to be very good using liquid liners if I do say so myself but recently I’ve moved to pencil liners every since I got the L.A. Girl lipliner which could also serve as an eyeliner. And I’m here with a review to share some goodness with you.

Name: LA Girl lipliner

Colours: I have in Black and Asper Green but I mostly use the black in shade GP520

Waterproof: Yes! Definitely

Does it last?: All day as long as you don’t rub your eyes (I’m guilty of that)

Price range: I think from 900-1200 depending on where you get yours, I actually got mine from last year’s tbp bloggers brunch

You can purchase yours from here or here or here or any beauty store.

Would I use this again? Yes, yes and yes

That’s it for my review.

What do you think of eyeliners? Essentials or not? Have you tried out this product before? If yes, how was your experience? Do comment in the comments section. 

Till we meet again.

Remain blessed.


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