It’s been a while I must say, I had some outfit posts planned but I didn’t like the outcome of its pictures and I decided to wait till I take better ones rather than give a bad content all in the sake of consistency. I’m not too late to wish you all happy new month right? So happy new month! First off, I want to really thank you all for constantly taking out time to read my blog, I love you guys and for those who take the stress to comment, you are the real MVP. That aside and still in the grateful spirit, I’m thanking you guys again for the special love shown on my last blog post (here),  I felt really loved. Thank you once again.

I’ve learnt that gratitude even in the slightest situation is very needful. Saying thank you and meaning it could go a long way. We should all have grateful hearts, we would then appreciate things done to us a lot better.

June is already here meaning half of the year is practically going and I’m specially excited for this month because it’s my birth month *grins* (June 17).

For today’s outfit post, I initially wanted to pair this top with trousers.  After I did, it didn’t really look so good on camera and I decided to drop it.  Then I saw this skirt, to be very honest, I forgot about it (just one of those clothes) and I didn’t really like it but when I paired it up with this top, it looked good in the mirror but trust me mirror and camera have two different looks, lol. After taking a few pictures, I saw it looked good. Lesson learnt is that don’t judge a book by its cover, never do that!

I love this skirt for the slit by the side and the way it sits well on my body without showing too much emphasis on my small derriere.  Slits in outfits can be very flattery. If you need something with a minimal yet flattery look, try a skirt or dress with a slit, it does wonders. For some unknown reason, it gave me a lot of confidence while posing.

I’m guessing you might be wondering, “what’s with this girl and off-shoulder?”. If you read this post you would understand that I love this trend a lot and when I saw this off-shoulder with those sleeves, I knew there was no turning back. It cannot be overemphasized how off-shoulder outfits are flattery too.

Note for today: Never let the negativity shown to you by others rule your day or life. Most people are only there to criticize the bad you’ve done but not praise you when you do good even when your good could clearly overshadow your wrong. Live life to the fullest and serve God. 

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Till we meet again

Remain blessed.


4 Replies to “SLIT UP”

  1. Those sleeves though, it really makes the outfit pop. I think it would pair nicely with your stripe trousers. Happy birthday in advance. And your not alone in your love for flare sleeves, though I just wonder when their out if trend, what next, all those lost pieces.

     Princess Audu 

    1. I also think it would go well with my stripped pants, I might just try that out. I really can’t wait for what fashion would bring next. Thank you so much Sarah

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