I’ve recently started building my clothing capsule and since then I’ve decided to be more conscious of the things I buy and wear, how versatile they can be and if they fit well not just because it looks pretty on the mannequin. My on-going capsule would mostly contain more of colours that can be combined easily and outfits with a long-lasting effect. I would share more of it as I post more.

I got attracted to this palazzo pants because of its stripes. Outfit with stripes have a fancy effect mere looking at them. The illusion of stripes especially on trousers/pants can be used to one’s advantage. Stripes could widen or narrow your figure when used appropriately. Speaking of capsule building earlier mentioned, I’m adding outfits with bolder colours and much more flattery outfits (someone has to look more ladylike here, lol).

If you read in my previous post here, I shared my favourite outfit trends where I mentioned sleeves and palazzo pants which inspired an outfit post featuring them.

The weather was really bad the day I took these pictures, it almost wanted to stop me and I almost didn’t want to take pictures anymore but I just did and tried to pick out the best.

In today’s post, I’m featuring four of my fashion favourite; the off-shoulder, the wide leg pants, the extravagant sleeves and mules. I paired an off-shoulder top with wide leg stripped pants. Why I chose this top to go with is because it’s small and it would go well rather than a baggy or loose top.

I’m sure by now you would know I have a thing for off-shoulder. And since the off-shoulder or bardot trend is still in vogue, I felt it was only right to bring more of it. The one thing I like about this outfit is its comfort.

Mules are my best type of shoes after heels with straps. They are very comfortable (my emphasis is always on comfort) and can be styled easily. I chose these silver mules to complement the silver colour on my neck piece and bracelet.

What are your thoughts on this outfit? Would you wear this? please let me know in the comment section and do subscribe to my blog also.

Till we meet again.

Remain blessed.


13 Replies to “STRIPPED PANTS”

    1. Girl! I just had to get the pants immediately I saw it for sale and I’m still loving it. I search for themes regularly to make my blog look better, thank you for your comment.

  1. Love the shoes, funny enough I have a ‘palazzo post’ lined up but school hasn’t given me time to post yet. Nice post!

  2. You did a great job incorporating some of the latest trends in this look. I love how stripes, when worn right can make one look taller and longer. Great pairing with the top and trousers, love the monochrome detail. Now I’m not a big fan of mules but these ones tied this outfit together very well.


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