My loves, how are you all doing? Great I presume. It’s been a long day, without you my friend, I definitely missed blogging here.

I really do envy bloggers who are very consistent and it’s not their full-time job. It’s been really hard to blog, plus my exams are starting soon and I really have to study hard.

Nevertheless, I’m here again with a style post. This look as titled¬†almost monochrome look, my initial idea was to do an all-black post but creativity got the better part of me. I decided to add a bit of gold and red as a pop of colour.

I’ve always wanted to do a monochrome look and as black is one of my favourite colours and it was the easiest for me to pair, I decided to go with it. What’s your go-to monochrome look?

This look is as simple as it could be, since I was going for simplicity I decided to pair my black look with a red and gold clutch. The clutch is very stylish yet chic. The brooch was just an additional item I added to complement the gold on the clutch.

I hope you do enjoy this post and subscribe to my blog (please do, I’m trying to meet a target for the year *smiles*)

This look could be used for an outing with the girls, a casual hangout or date (not formal though) or remove the heels and wear some sandals or flats and it’s a classroom outfit.

Thank you for reading.

Till we meet again.

Remain blessed.


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