Welcome back to my blog, it’s with great joy I write to you, due to the fact that I went home from school for the weekend and today’s my younger sister’s birthday.  How are you doing? Great I hope! Happy new month too.

 I’m back again with another style post. Here I’m wearing a denim jacket which I stole from my dad and this shift dress, I’ve styled previously here. This outfit inspiration was from an amazing blog Lydia of Lydia’s Chronicle.

Styling a denim jacket is one of the easiest thing in the history of dressing. If you read my post here, you would know how important having denim is.


Gown – H&M

Jacket – Dad’s closet

Shoes – CL by Laundry

Hat – Topshop

Enjoy these pictures and don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment. 

Till we meet again. 

Remain blessed.


14 Replies to “DENIM ON A DRESS”

  1. I really love your blog theme and layout. Your sense of style is unique. Denim jackets are definitely essentials, I also stole mine but from a female friend, lol.

  2. Cool blog. I’m thinking of starting a blog of my own and I really need some pointers on what to do, should I send you an email? Also, how do you edit your pictures?

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