My loves, guess who’s back? Me!! *sigh* it seemed like forever since I’ve posted out of will. So my exams just ended this week and I’m officially on holidays *insert dancing emoji*. I’m happy I can rest and eat well, get fatter and rest again.

Mind my manners, how have you been? Good I hope. I’m here again because of my love for you (my readers), my love for writing and love for blogging regardless of the fact that I chatted with my blog host and  I may or may not continue this blog in a few months and thinking about it makes me feel sad but you never can tell. I hope things work out before then and I’m able to continue blogging.

Nevertheless, I’m back again with a style post as usual. Here, I’m casually styling a white top with red flowery pattern and a black jeans and a red and black shoe which I so adore for its comfort and versatility.

I know in my last post I said I was avoiding the colour Red because I don’t really like it and I wear it too much but I just couldn’t avoid it much longer ?.

The top is actually a tail top and it’s very comfortable because it’s light and in this days of heat, it’s very important.

I hope hope hope you do enjoy this post and leave a comment or subscribe or both pretty please.

Till we meet again.

Remain blessed.


14 Replies to “FLORAL RED”

  1. Hunny, you is red and red is you lol.. Embrace it. I love the top and it’s definitely a necessity in this heat.


  2. Red is definitely a good colour on you. Sorry about you not being able to blog in a few months, I hope you work it out though.

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