Tied Denim

Welcome back to my blog, I know I’ve  been away for so long and it’s sad I have no reason to justify that, I guess I was caught up with life. While I was away, I did a couple of things which I would share bit  by bit as time goes on.

My blog was also attacked by spammers, yes! It wasn’t even hilarious, I came to see over 400 spam comments. I immediately installed a recaptcha plugin to help curb that. That aside, today’s blog post is an outfit post where I’d also be sharing a life tip.

Styling a denim jacket

Denim in general are life-savers, they are the simplest outfit yet one of the best. I’ve always wanted a denim jacket and I couldn’t pass the opportunity when I saw one at a trade fair in my school. After bargaining with the seller, she agreed to sell it to me for #700 naira while she sold to others at #1500. I was really excited I got it and since I’ve  then been thinking of ways to style it. You’ve not seen the last of it yet, lol.

While I was testing out clothes, my initial plan was to pair this up with a denim skirt. I wanted something different and here I am, pairing the jacket with a skirt worn as a dress.

Styling a denim jacket


LESSON: the fun thing about making mistakes is that you get to learn from them, nobody is perfect and even the “most perfect” people make mistakes too. You’ve only failed when you’ve stopped trying. You have a good life ahead, you didn’t expect it to be easy did you? Brace up and show the world what you’ve got. Only you can be you. Remember, you’ve not failed you’ve only gotten 1 million ways that can’t work. 

Thank you for reading my blog today.

Till next time.

Stay blessed.


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