TMI (too much information) tag

Hey there! Thank you for deciding to read my blog today. How are you doing? Good I hope. I’m also doing good.
I know it’s been a while I’ve posted and I also wonder why. I have a lot of pending posts but it’s just the typing stress and I’ve been pre occupied lately.

Today I’m going to tell you a lot about myself today. I was tagged by two amazing bloggers Funke and Toks David. The questions I’m going to be answering are over 40 so be prepared.
Let’s go:
What are you wearing:
A black camisole and blue jeans

Ever been in love?: Do I have to answer this?

Ever had a terrible breakup?: No, thank God!

How tall are you? I’m not sure but I’m short

How much do you weigh? 51kg

Any tattoos?: None

Any piercings?: Just two. One of each ear (for now maybe)

OTP (One True Pairing). What’s your favourite fictional couple?:
I don’t have

Favourite show: I have too many to pick

Favourite bands: I don’t have

Something you miss? My childhood

Favourite song: I don’t have

How old are you? 16. Yea. I know what you’re thinking, she’s 16? Yes I am. Moving on….

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Quality you look for in a partner: *sigh* I’ll just know he’s the one

Favourite quote: live n Love

Favourite actor: Chai.. I don’t have

Favourite colour : Black and Blue

Loud music or soft: Both, I could switch up any time

Where do you go when you’re sad?
My room

How long does it take you to shower:
3-7 minutes, I bath fast

Ever been in a physical fight? No

Turn on? Height, lips, character, being reserved, sense of humour

Turn off? Lousiness, gossip, lack of control

Fears? Do I have one?

Last thing that made you cry? I haven’t cried in a while

Meaning behind your blogging name? My Vogue Life as the name implies, something Vogue about my life. What is trendy to me.

Last book you read? Does school book count?

The book you’re currently reading? None, except school book counts

Last show you watched?
The Johnsons

Last person you talked to? My sister

The relationship between you and the last person you texted? Just friendship

Favourite food? Fried rice

Place you want to visit? Paris!!!!!

Last place you were? In the veranda of my house

Do you have a crush? Not really

Last time you kissed someone? Errmm…..

Favourite flavour of sweet? Mint, orange or strawberry

What instruments do you play?
I can play violin (learnt that a while back)
Favourite piece of jewellery? Wristwatches count right? Yes!

Last sport you played? Table tennis (I miss my brother)

Last song you sang? Sit still look pretty by Daya

Favourite chat up line? Hey

Have you ever used it? All the time

Last time you hung out with someone? Last month

I’m tagging….. Fola, Oyinda, Lydia, Tracy, Praise, Dammy, Grace and you reading this if you’re a blogger or YouTuber.

I know I’m a boring person but thank you for reading this long post. It was fun writing too.

Till we meet again.
Remain blessed.

22 Replies to “TMI (too much information) tag”

    1. Lol… Do I really have a crush? Hmmm. Yea I got if my box to reveal my age. Lol… I’m just trying at table tennis though. Thank you for your comment.

  1. Dese TMI posts are always fun to read, it wasn’t boring @ all o, gud to know more about u. U’re 16 dats so cool, really proud of what U’re doin ere. I’ve always wanted to go to paris too, hopefully our dreams will come true 😉

  2. really had fun reading this….Lol Sixteen really? Am missing sixteen already!!! Lol… No crush??? you hung out last, last month? well you are still more social than moi

  3. This is Awesome, Nice Interview and I love your Boldness ***revealing your age***that’s a Big Jump it shows you are a star.. Ermmm not just a star but a Shining Star. Am looking forward to Conducting an interview with you on my TV Show

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