Fashion to me is self expression of art and creativity not basically clothing items but also includes our basic necessity like clothing, hair, decoration, housing and even behaviour. Fashion is like a prevailing custom or style.

Fashion is Vogue.

And that’s where I got the idea for my blog name, just in case you were wondering.

Talking about fashion, I’ve noticed some fashion trends that I’ve been in love with for a while and decided to share since blogging is more or less like a documentation.

Firstly: Sleeves

This point cannot be argued not can it be overemphasised. Sleeves have a way of creating pizzazz to an entire outfit these days, different style of pronounced sleeves have been reigning right from the the runway to our streets.

Secondly: Frayed hems

Since I wasn’t really a fan of ripped jeans, it was nice of fashion to bring in something new and fresh and cool at the same time which is Frayed hems and it’s a style I love because of its uniqueness and coolness. It’s also very casual too with a lot of comfort.

Thirdly: Tote bags

These are stylish bags which by the name “tote” means to carry. The tote trend has been around for a while now and I love it because it creates an effortlessly chic look. I’m planning to get one for myself but I’m still thinking of what inscription I would prefer on it. Got any ideas for me?

IG: @kstotebags

Fourthly: Palazzos

These are officially my best outfit trend. I love them for comfort and style. It fits every body type in all the right places.

Last but not least: Layering

Ig: @myfashionbreak

Layering has really up its game this fashion season, there are so many beautiful type of  layering of outfits and it’s important to know how to in order to maximise every piece of item in your wardrobe and still look stylish while doing so.

Bonus: Mules  are my best type of shoes after heels with straps because it’s very elegant and chic. You just feel good wearing them.

Ig: @msdemi_akin
IG: @thesvnflwr

And there you have it guys, my favourite fashion trends.

Do you agree with mine? Or you think a particular trend is overrated or underrated? Please do share in the comments section.

Till we meet again.

Remain blessed.




    1. Same here, I just got new palazzo pants. Since I’m not so good at DIYs, I won’t to to fray my jeans, lol… Thank you for stopping by.

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